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I’ve been curating these story compilations for more than 25 years, and I still get excited about sharing these stories with audiences! I love seeing kids’ eyes widen with the suspense of “Who’s In Rabbit’s House?” or seeing that “knowing look” blossom in the eyes of an adult during “Kava House God.” Every performance is a little different based on who’s in the room; each program takes on the personality of the audience. It’s one of the things I love best about being a storyteller! I’d love to work with you to find the perfect blend of stories for your group.


Want something tried and true? These story collections have been refined across the decades.

Summer Cooler

Length: 45-60 minutes

Audience: K-6 and family audiences

This program fans the flame of summer reading and basks in the glory of summer with original tales from Adam's mostly-true life! Stories include "Go For It!" a tale about the summer Adam almost (accidentally) poisoned the neighbor kids with a homemade energy concoction, plus the classic folktale, "The Goats Ears of Emporer Trojan", "The Monster Farting Party" by Kat Philbin, and "Hoover's Bride" by David Small.

It's Me! Not My Shoes!

Length: 45-60 minutes

Audience: PreK – 5 and family audiences

This sampler of stories focuses on self-expression and the glorious freedom of being yourself. Listeners will hear “Fenwick’s Suit” by David Small, “Bully School,” a funny, feel-good story penned by Mellema, and his own epic quest to meet favorite author, Tomie DePaola, when Adam was only five years old.

Around The Library in 120 Half-Minutes

Around the Library Image

Length: 45-60 minutes

Audience: Recommended for Pre-K and older

Classics! Picture Books! Folktales! Periodicals! (Maybe not periodicals). This program reminds us of the delight that comes from reading. Mellema shares popular titles found on most library shelves and shares several stories about his own love of books… including the time he met his favorite author, Tomie DePaola!

Stories From Around The World

Length: 45-60 minutes

Audience: Recommended for Pre-K and older

Come spin Adam’s lucky globe, pick a country, and listen as Adam tells a story from that place! Or at least... a country nearby! Listeners can count on a grab bag of tales from ALL SEVEN continents. Stories may include “Urashima Taro” from Asia, “Who’s In Rabbit’s House” from Africa, or “Baby Baluga’s Birthday Gift” from the middle of the ocean. Every show is bound to be different and celebrates the rich diversity of literature found on the planet!

Halloween Favorites

Length: 45-60 minutes

Audience: K-6 and family audiences

Mellema shares “merry, not scary” tales including the “Origins of Candy Corn” (hint: it involves a witch named Ashley), the classic “Bridge On The River Clarinet” and a recounting of Adam’s own most horrifying night of Trick-Or-Treating… EVER!

The Lie Detector Tour

Length: 60 minutes

Audience: K-5, 6-8, or family audiences

This fun, interactive program asks, "When Is It Okay To Lie?" Mellema includes tales from his own life (mostly naughty events from his childhood) as well as popular titles like, “Why Mosquitoes Buzz In People’s Ears” by Verna Ardema, and a fresh adaptation of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” The show also incorporates audience participation as Mellema invites audience members to the stage to try out his lie detector machine! It’s a hilarious chance for kids to share lies they’ve told—and tackle some tricky hypothetical situations that Adam tosses their way.

Remembering World War II

Length: 60 minutes

Audience: 6th grade and older

Remembering World War II draws us back to the era through oral histories; each story capturing a unique piece of the early 1940’s experience. Adam brings to life the stories of real men and women he personally interviewed-- in their own words. In the show’s final story, Adam applies make-up, and ages from 18 to 80 right before the audience’s eyes! This poignant collection has been warmly received as both a gripping history lesson and a tender trip down memory lane. Mellema also includes the story of his own Grandmother—and how she was Grandpa’s superior officer—and how these stories led to the creation of this program.

Joy To The You-Know-What!

Length: 45-60 minutes

Recommended for Pre-K and older

It’s the holiday season… so ‘whoop-de-doo’! Join Mellema for rollicking merriment with stories like, “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ Neighbor Gary,” “Talking With… Mary & Joseph (an NPR interview),” “Shoemaker Martin,” Truman Capote’s “A Christmas Memory,” and the touching story of Rex Link’s 1953 Christmas in the Korean War. This program is a perfect way to swell the holiday spirit in kids and grown-ups alike!

Custom Made Programs

If you’re more of a “buffet person” I’m happy to share my full story catalogue with you.

Do you have a themed program or special event that you need a unique story for? Some of my favorite stories have been created from scratch for this purpose. I love working off of client visions; the teamwork challenges me to reach new heights in my creativity. Ask me about the Michigan Dogman story or the tale of the 80 year-old sturgeon!

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